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Hello, i made a patreon, lately my family has been doing somewhat bad economically, i'm not gonna lie and say i've been eating shit for the last few weeks but it's not the best, this is a way to help me economically even if it's just alittle bit, aswell as hopefully eventually helping me realize my goal of becoming an independent artist, thanks to anyone who wishes to support me trough this plataform!

p.s. Thanks aswell also to the ones that may not help economically but do share my work online, that aswell means the world to me.


2017-06-04 17:04:15 by MatthewLopz

Well anyway me and my palerinos have this discord, is not very active apart from us so i wanted to share it, if you're and artist and want to talk some shit or just want to hang around cause you a lonely boi and don't have anyone to talk to while you draw, you are welcomed.


Right, there's a few things that i kinda get off my chest, lately i've been having this weird feeling, when i was younger i suffered from bipolar dissorder, i used to feel depressed and anxious randomly from time to time, from a while back im on medication, now i don't say this cause im feeling depressed, or anxious, or to call for help or to seek attention, i wana tell what i feel and what it has done to my art.

*The Explanation*

Lately i've had this feeling that i can only describe as empty, neither sad nor happy, things don't really feel quite right, the feeling of monotony, the everyday that doesn't bring anything new, i feel stuck, and the real problem with all this is the fact that i don't know where i should go from here, the inspiration is dead.

*The Art*

Now, off with the sad stuff (mostly), i was someone who always drew pretty much the same thing, now there's nothing wrong with that, i actually quite liked it, while it was similar all the time it still felt fresh to me, now since the inspiration feels dead i haven't done much either than sketching, haven't done a finished painting since 2 months ago or so, now with the sketching tho, all i've done is experimenting, trying as much shit as i can to feel that fresh and fun feeling that i used to have when i drew, and then we get to where we are now.

*The Future*

I'm writting this as of right now, cause im starting to get the wisp of fun when i draw again, all i have done is experimenting and while i still haven´t get my head to what i wana do, im slowly getting there, my art is at somepoint a representation of my life, even if it doesn't look anything like it, it´s what i wana do, it´s what i wana draw. it´s the shits and giggles that i want, i'm in the procces of change, and i hope  the few people that have followed me and hopefully the future followers will like it, cause art is still a really important part of my life, and i want it to stay that way. More art to come soon.

-Thanks to everyone  who was supported me since the first time i drew.


250+ followers (not exactly)

2016-06-06 18:28:30 by MatthewLopz

welp, been a while since i made one of this, i honestly want to make one in a super selfish asshole way and use it to let you all know that i made a twitter.

(*guy screams in the background* "SELLOUT WHORE")

also, in all seriousness big thanks to all the people who have support me over the almost 2 years (and a bit more) that i have been on newgrounds. KEEP THE LOVE COMMING and il keep making art.



alright so this isnt like super recent news, but ive just not said anything about it, deviantart,newgrounds and paigeeworld are the only art pages i post and i was kinda waiting for all of them to hit the 150+ to celebrate instead of just one of them, im kinda not in the mood for some requests right now but just wanted to write something il guess to thank everyone who supports me, il probably at least do a thanks drawing in the near future :)




well first i wana thank.... jesus, nah fuck him, thank you all who have supported me trough my time here in newgrounds ive fucking loved this site since i joined, for conmemoration and to thank you all i kinda wana do some drawings for you guys, so probably il only do sketches but il promise at least not go lazy on them, if your interested just hit me up with a message here or even just leave a comment idk :v i can do nsfw aswell so dont be shy you piece of perverted shit, kisses in the butts to all have a great day!

well like the title says really, in my art "carrer" so far ive done i think 2 paid commissions in the past, a considerable while ago and they where for very and i mean very fucking little money, i havent really posted anything about this subject since then here, or in my other art social networks, but im legit interested, if some of you guys think im good enough for commissions, and more than that if some of you would like to ask me for one, hope im not being anoyying im not in a super need of the money but, you really never have enough lol.

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2015-03-01 21:11:03 by MatthewLopz

69 69 69 69 69 69


this is a very sexually tense and amazing moment.



69 69 69 69 69 69


2014-12-26 00:44:04 by MatthewLopz

well that was quick, thanks to everyone, i know im not the most active and when i am i post shitty sketches but i hope not to dissapoint, happy chrishansenmass to you all aswell!

40 fans?

2014-12-06 13:51:36 by MatthewLopz

fuck yeah thanks to everyone who likes my art a simple comment or a good calification and even a not good calification really keeps me going, now all of you give me a fucking high five!. :D


(not responsable for the highfive breaking your screen)