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Hello, glad to see you survived this year, glad to see you reading my post too.

Let's have a quick talk about life. This year started with a sour taste, i was planning to move to a new city and state with my wife on january, but do to poor planning + being a little unlucky we had to postpone this, to make the matters worse we had to puppy eye our not so very nice landlady to renew our contract for another year, well that year has pretty much gone by now, we're hoping to take that step this upcomming January, hopefully learning from my mistakes and planning better i'll be in a new place very soon.

Part of this year's learning experience was handling money, a lack of it and a big influx of it, saving it, investing it, as well as finding a balance at home when one feels like it's not providing enough, i felt for the first time what it was to not have enough and lacking for one's partner, but as cliche as it sounds not everything is money, and there's multiple ways to help and feel helpful within a household and a relationship, and also like i would learn later also during this year, monetary opportunities can come unexpectedly.


(Photo of El Socorro, the small road leading to the capuchinos convent park, hopefully my new home in a couple of months)

Let's change the subject friend, and have another quick chat, this time about art!

The source of my pain or the way to handle my pains? maybe both, my love/hate relationship with art seems to still be ongoing 9 years or so after i decided to pick up a pencil after watching too much anime. While a lack of art work made doubt my self early this year, this would also be the year where i've have the biggest opportunity as of yet, making a promotional movie poster for Disney's Regency Enterprises: The Creator©. This gave me great insight and experience as to how it is to work as an independent artist for a giant coporation, and thankfully work with very understanding and kind people, i trust this opportunity wasn't a once in a life time deal, and is more so a door that opens into new territory hopefully we'll see me working on another big project like that next year!


(Final movie poster for The Creator movie)

Thanks for reading so far friend, but there's a last subject i'd like to talk about, let's talk about sickness...

Writting all of this right now, just a few hours before christmas, with probably the worst cold of my life, unable to spend this wonderful celebration with my family and instead with just my also sick wife (Oddlem), That's ok tho, while sad we gotta remember to accept things out of our control, and i wanna remind you as cliche as it is, that if you're spending christmas with your loved ones this year, as mundane as it is, as it happens every year, to care and live in the moment, you never know when's the last one you'll celebrate.

But friend i don't just wanna talk to you about this horrible cold i currently have, there's another sickness plaguing this world, this sickness of hate, lack of tolerance and understanding for one another, segregating ourselfs into rooms without words of the outside world, barking and peeling our teeth at each other while a bigger hand steals from us while we're to busy fighting. It's ok friend, there's no shame in hating, but let's not forget to also love, I love you, cause i know you're like me, you want a roof when it rains, you want food when you're hungry and you don't wanna feel alone. I love you all.

GIFT: Thank you for reading this far, you must have had a lot of free time, or maybe i actually wrote something interesting, as a token christmas gift of appriciation i grant you a 15% off discount for my INRPNT (art prints), with the code: 2V2BJQ they're already having a end of the year sale, so you can use this code ontop of their own discounts to get a giant % off, 20-35%}

Remember also i'm always open for commission work, feel free to hit me a DM if you ever feel like getting yourself some custom art. much love and merry christmas from Colombia. Chao!





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