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MatthewLopz AMA

Posted by MatthewLopz - October 23rd, 2021

Every once in a while (when i got nothing to do) i do AMA's (ask me anything) on instagram but i've never done one here, is Newgrounds AMA posts a thing? well, it is now bitch. ask away





Have You Seen Pulp Fiction

Yeah, i really like Tarantino movies, i think pulp fiction is one of my favorites but to be fair i haven't watched it in a very long time.



what you been up to lately matt it been a minute

mmmm well, i got married last month, i've been drawing, doing good i guess, trying to get my art out there a bit more, but can't complain can't complain

very powerful congrats on the marriage, u grow up too fast

thank you muffin man it means a ton,

are u going to tijuana or are u a bitch

I really wanted to go when i was in california but cause of covid i couldn't, and now i'm back home and going to tijuana seems so far away rn. :(

With that being said really do wanna visit one day tho, i'll try my best to not be a bitch and go, also, te quiero mucho mogy un abrazo

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

about 24 miles per hour or 11 meters per second.

Have you ever started peeing and pooping at the exact same time? Like the shit starts coming out and the piss starts coming out at the same second?

i don't think so, and also idk why but i feel like that'd be painful for some reason

Do you listen Rock or metal? What is your favorite band? Also forg.

i listen to both, i'm really into really alternative avant garde metal but it's not easy to find, i don't really have a favorite band per say but, i guess if i have to pick one of the bunch i'll go for "dog fashion disco"

¿Qué cosas te inspiraron en tu estilo de dibujo?
Saludos desde México

Bro pues la verdad muchas cosas y cada cosa en su momento, antes me gustaba mucho mirar artistas como crisalis, nemupan, kanekoshake, entre otros, en este momento aunque igual sigo admirandolos meestoy interestando en otros artistas con otro tipo de esteticas, tipo arkestar, pipidummy, plastiboo, entre otros, tambien otra cosa super importante es que trato lo mas que puedo en buscar inspiracion en mi dia a dia.
Un abrazo desde Colombia, amo mucho mexico aunque no haya visitado algun dia ire.

Not really a question but it's cool to see that you're from Colombia, saludos desde (colombia igualmente) !!

Saludos desde localidad Usaquen, Bogotá jaja


how much do you love me baby

@dogmuth-behedog @MatthewLopz
Genial, y si un día tienes la oportunidad de ir a México disfruta de los platillos típicos de aquí, no te arrepentiras. XD

third law of thermodynamics?

yo mama

@BrandyBuizel oh curse you why didn't I think of that

like a crab loves squid games on netflix.ca

Where did you get that handsome cowboy Kermit profile picture?

i don't remember it's been too long.

I love the art you make that shows the really typical and unique architecture of Colombia, be it the churches, or the municipal buildings of Bogota. I feel by showing them you take out and show the world something that can't otherwise be brought anywhere else, and thus they can be left unappreciated. When you decided to use them, did you ever consider the architecture as something purely Colombian or did you just think they looked interesting?

Ok i'll start by saying thank you and i'm glad you enjoy my art, also i haven't really done much art lately of what you're describing rn but i'll defenetively do more in the future!

Well, i think of it as something purely colombian even tho it isn't completely, i'll be real i feel like a lot of latin american architecture, specifically south american, can be really similar, but at the end of the day i'm sharing my own country and also my own experiences through it, so i think of it as something purely colombian, but what makes it colombian isn't the architecture but more so the whole context behinde it, well and also i guess to be fair as similar as something can be it's never gonna be same, the same architecture doesn't mean it's the exact same church, municipal building etc... lol so i guess that also adds to the colombian uniqueness even if by a lil bit.

@OptimistImprisoned @MatthewLopz In any case I feel like your art helps me learn more about my parent's culture when I can't visit and explore over there. I've been a few times, but then again it was mostly to stay with relatives and not really go out. So the trivial things really get me feeling good and wonderstruck, and inspire me to look up the meanings of cultural symbols.

I hope some day you'll be able to visit, explore and experience life here if you feel that way, this country has a lot to offer and i can relate to the feeling of wanting to seek and understand your own roots. un abrazo!

Aah ok, uh, I have no idea why I'm doing this but-
What inspired you to get your style? Your style is just so... unique. I've never seen anything quite like it. From the hatching and screentone to the shapes and themes, you seem to be very versatile. I am just curious as to how you found an image for your art.

Thanks for the compliments, and you shouldn't worry of asking anything lol.

Well to not over extend the answer, i'm gonna say a lot of stuff, my enviorment, artists i follow and life experiences, also i think art stlyes just keep evolving until you feel really comfortable with it, for me i think it's been a lot more consistent in the past 2 years than it was prior.

why is her apron so short